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Do i have to pay to sign up ?
No, You should pay after signup.

How do i use UA address on a retailers site ?

What is the weight and size limit for my package ?

How long can i store my package in the warehouse ?

Are there any restrictions on items i can send through UA ?

How do i upgrade my plan ?

Can i receive packages under another name ?

How can i track my package ?
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How is the shipping rate calculated ?

What shipping methods do you offer ?

Can i receive Magazines/Letter ?
Yes, Magazines/Letter are allowed.

What is assisted purchase and how much does it cost ?
We'll buy for you and 4.5% or 199INR commission of shopping purchases.

What happens with the purchase if the items are out of stock ?

Can i return an item from an assisted purchase request ?

Are there fees associated with a consolidation ?

What payment methods do you offer ?

How will i receive my refund ?